LAB577 reveal their product DASL – Digital Asset Shared Ledger

On Thursday 1st August 2019, LAB577 revealed their new solution DASL – Digital Asset Shared Ledger is now live with global cyrptocurrency broker BCB Group.

Click on the more button below to watch the interview and hear from ex-RBS innovation lead Richard Crook CEO & Founder of LAB577. DASL is built on Corda Network, the open-source blockchain system created by R3, a bank consortium with over 200 industry partners. DASL ensures safety, privacy and finality when transferring ownership of digital assets. The partnership with BCB Group enables both ETH tokens and GBP to be traded across the same blockchain.


‘Disrupt & Advance: The firms that are transforming business’ Webinar

“Disrupt & Advance: The firms that are transforming business” – a showcase for firms that are using technology to challenge the status quo. Part of an on-going series of events, firms are invited from early-stage, start-up, to more established businesses to share their experience developing solutions and companies.

Click the more button below to hear the recent episode, a panel discussion featuring Ed Greig – Cheif Disruptor at Deloitte Digital UK, Dr Kevin Feeney – CEO at DataChemist, Dr Shane Lynn – CEO at EdgeTier and Richard Crook – CEO & Founder at LAB577.

The panel were also joined by Padraic Geraghty – Senior Market Advisor at Enterprise Ireland, following on from EI’s successful event ‘Digital Disruptors’ hosted by Deloitte.



3rd Annual RegTech Automation and Compliance Forum

Regulatory technology, including compliance management, reporting, identity management and risk management, has become one of the most dynamic sectors within financial services. This is underscored by a number of factors: the obvious cost reduction potential of the technology – especially within AML and KYC initiatives; the potential to extend RegTech solutions into non-compliance areas as another way to increase efficiency and improve the bottom line; and, finally, the scope to minimise the impact of new and challenging regulatory concerns through increased automation.

The 3rd Annual RegTech Automation and Compliance Forum will address the challenges that financial institutions are still facing in terms of developing appropriate skill sets at all levels of the business, as well as maintaining the capacity to deliver safe and secure operations whilst maximising the benefit of integrated RegTech solutions.


Editors Picks

MiFID II’s unbundling mandate

It is now a year on from the introduction of MiFID II and it’s becoming clear that, although the regulatory deadline has long since passed, the ongoing effects of the regulation on investment firms and trading venues are still being understood in Europe and globally. Read more here.

CUBE: Factsheet – Privacy and Security

Today, one of the greatest challenges facing records managers and data officers is the requirement to balance obligations around records, data, privacy and security. Read more here.

Ascent to simplify FCA regulatory handbook

The effort will breakdown the FCA's regulatory texts into smaller, identifiable pieces to make it easier for financial institutions (FIs) to recognize and understand the obligations that apply to them. Read more here. 

Donor Insights on Regtech for Inclusive Finance

Even Prototypes of Regtech Applications Can Drive Meaningful Progress. Takeaways from the Regtech for Regulators Accelerator after 2 years of collaboration and innovation. Read more here. 

The Rise of RegTech

Regulators worldwide are reshaping the rules of the game by plotting new rules to work to — it’s estimated that 60,000 compliance documents have been written since the 2008 financial crisis. Read more here. 

4 FinTech Predictions For The New Year

The financial technology market is booming as startups try to disrupt every area of finance. The growth the sector has enjoyed this year is expected to continue unabated in 2019. Read more here. 

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